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Hello again,

it seems that I am getting the first spam intents or so.

I had answers allways with this kind of code ! I think someone is trying to do something. Are we safe against that ?

What is he/she trying to do ?

the added stars are mine to avoid any kind of problem !!

***rMrutN  <***a href="http://axrsuuukfnaa***.com/">axrsuuukfnaa</a>, [***url=http://jmhneqfxdfn***x.com/]jmhneqfxdfnx[/url]***, [link=http:/***/ropqbcqzuqun.com/]ropqbcqzuqun[/link***], http://***pwjlemyagqcm***.com/

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Is this coming through your feedback form? If so it's all over the Internet. Try switching on reCAPTCHA for your feedback form via the admin interface.
I had so many problems with wordpress installs that i thought i am sure with this very special script. But the spammers do not sleep. i dont understand why they are doing so, no one will hit such crazy domainnames.

To avoid this maybe it would as well be helpful to have a forbidden words list, as suggested some time ago by some member here.

Or, that links / domainnames only can be added through a special field, which automatically needs to be reviewed, while the answer or comment  already is active.

For the moment I activated recaptcha, I had about 15 questions a day without captcha, now i will see how big is the difference. The site is only 2 weeks old.
also make sure to enable question or answer  by registered users only. This will further avoid some SPAM.

To fight against these kind of SPAM, check registered users mail id/IP address in stopforumspam.com and botscout.com database.
Thank You, did not know these sites.

Sometimes I ask me, how is it possible that after more than 10 years internet for everybody, there still is no solution to get rid of these spammers.

But now I will follow these tips and close my sites as good as possible.

I managed the forum of phpbb. When I judge spam user's registration, I use stopforumspam.com and botscout.com too. Spammer have plural IP-address,username,email. When it is carried more than 2 or 3, I take it as spam. But the load of the manager did not fall only by not accepting registration. Therefore the spam registration decreased sharply when I introduced max-difficult CAPTCHA. There was the person for fear of user being troubled by procedure troublesome at first, but the person who wants to really ask does not spare trouble.