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  • The unknown malicious attacker managed to register a fake 6000+ IDs in the last eight days
  • I have already implemented Google reCaptcha. Still, the attacker managed to register fake users bypassing reCaptcha. 
  • I got a suspension notice from the hosting provider due to a sudden spike in outgoing emails in order to convey registration details. 
  • Most email IDs are either fake or disposable. 

Has anyone a solution to prevent spam registration attacks?

PS:  The plugin named Q2A user manager helps me to delete users in bulk. It's not solution but helped lot in cleaning the junk users.

Q2A version: 1.8.5

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I'm using my own fork of the Registration Blocker plugin, which reduces the spammer registration volume to a manageable number. Don't expect it to be a silver bullet, though. It takes some training (i.e. adding the domains and/or mail addresses and/or usernames abused by the spammers), and even then fighting spammer registrations remains a continuous effort.

The current spike is to be expected, since apparently many admins are on vacation over the holidays.

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User Email Activation is an optional security measure. If you’d like an even more secure method of user registration, you can opt for Manual Approval. The approval method will require you to review each user registration request before the new user can join your website.  You’ll receive an email notice for each request, and the option to approve or deny the new member.

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I'm using AntiBot Captcha plugin with the latest q2a version.

it is working very well and has almost stopped spam registrations using bots. (I had 1000 to 2000 bots registrations each day!)

Just install it go to plugin settings increase the "Symbol count" to more than 6 and add some letters to "Character Set". (Characters are case sensitive)

Here is the link: https://github.com/pupi1985/q2a-kk-abc