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I want to delete certain tags for questions. Is there a plugin for this? Can I do this directly in the database?

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Use Scott's Tagging Tools plugin. By putting a line "aliasname,tagname" into the textbox in the plugin options you create an alias for a tag. By putting just a tagname (without alias) into the same textbox you remove the tag.

Thanks for the tip. I've tested the plugin and it serves its purpose. Unfortunately, this does not remove existing tags from the tag list. I think it would also be complicated because the tags would have to be removed from all questions.
@Matthi07 the plugin is supposed to do that and we have used it to remove tags.
What I meant by that is the fact that the task is still visible on the task list page. But I think that's okay.
Probably that will go if you go to the admin/stats page and do the relevant update.