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Theres a new feature from Google for voice input in Google search, can i put it in my Ask box?

So that the users can ask questions just by speaking instead of typing.


Wouldn't it be a great idea?

Following link could help you



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This would be really a nice tool however there are some drawback as well. Usually speech recognition tool doesn't work so well with none native English speakers. They have different accent and tone which makes things annoying for the user where they have to speak again and again.
Thanks Jatin for your response ( You are doing a great job at Q2A Market )  and Yes, i understand that it has certain drawbacks because of the Accent issue, but i still wanna give it a try and get feedback from my users, could you please tell me where the <input> tag for the Ask box lies so that i can make modifications there.

Thanks in advance.

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I've created a plugin called AI Voice Commander that allows you to Ask, Answer & Comment using your voice. But it's only compatible with Google Chrome for now.