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I want the position of code where the <input> tag for the ask box lies, so that i can make some modifications in its size.
Q2A version: 1.5
Can anyone help me on the above question please?

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Look for this code on or around line 94 (I use the Green Theme, your theme may be slightly different)

Open, qa-include / qa-widget-ask-box.php and look for the following code:

<TD CLASS="qa-form-tall-data" STYLE="padding:8px;" WIDTH="*">
<INPUT NAME="title" TYPE="text" CLASS="qa-form-tall-text" STYLE="width:95%;">

Change 95% to your desired width.


Good Luck

Where do you change the height at?
Thanks...!!! It worked :)
do you know where that would be for the snow theme as I cannot find it?
I have Snow theme only, and i found it in the above mentioned path , for your case it may be a little up or down, just use the Find( Ctrl+ F ) functionality to fine the "qa-form-tall-data" text.