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Look Ma! No Hands!!

Voice Commander is a Narrow AI plugin that allows you to Search, Navigate and interact with your Q2A website trough voice commands.

The plugin is fully translatable, with the ability to add customized responses.
Check out this list of supported languages.


Use commands such as: Search for [something], Go to homepage, Go to questions, Go to tags, etc to open main navigation links. 

When in question lists, you can say: Open the nth question (1st/2nd/...), which is pretty much self explanatory.



You can create/ask questions using your voice only: Set title, Set body, Set tags, and once you're happy with your input, you can say: Send or Submit.

You can also use commands such as: Scroll up/down, Scroll to answers, Answer question, Comment or Do comment, and much more...

As of now, Voice Commander is only fully compatible with Google Chrome and websites with HTTPS protocols.

To avoid missing functionalities from partially supported browsers, a message will appear for those browsers suggesting to use Chrome.

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Yes great but it is very expensive man
Expensive? Did the price change? Seems remarkably inexpensive.