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My users complaint that

1. ckeditor is not running on android phones.

2. the textarea displayed is not taking line breaks (possibly because normally it would be html, entering <br /> works for line breaks)

you might want to use your android phone and check: http://www.gute-mathe-fragen.de/ask where you see only the textarea but ckeditor is not loaded.

That is why I want to have an automatic switch to the very basic text editor if an android phone (or mobile device) is detected.

How can this be done?
hi, i would also like to know your solution. did you solve it?

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You can't do that as CKEditor will "spam" you text with HTML and that would be displayed in the textarea too...
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All right, I am dealing with the "removed line breaks" issue in the following, please see the comments!

Next I am posting a comment below this answer - it is the basic editor - using an Android Smartphone.

Now i am posting with a Samsung s3.

After each phrase a lune break.

For comments there is the basic editor.

Let's see if the line breaks survive and are displayef correctly.
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The editor choice is in: *qa-page-question-post.php*
with: $editorname=isset($in['editor']) ? $in['editor'] : qa_opt('editor_for_as');

And also for questions and comments... see editor_for_qs and editor_for_cs!
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Okay, I did the switch using:

        $editorname=isset($in['editor']) ? $in['editor'] : qa_opt('editor_for_as');
        // Basic editor for mobiles
        if( qa_is_mobile_probably() ) {
            $editorname = 'Basic Editor';

Tested it and ... still the same problem! Linebreaks get removed. Now I have no idea where the problem is! Why is it working here in q2a but not in http://www.klaustukai.lt/ ... I am loading another theme for mobiles. But how could the theme influence the line breaks? It's a riddle...
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What is q2a doing? The format in the database is '' not 'html'. So my first thought that text gets saved as HTML and thus line-breaks disappear was wrong. It is saved as pure text but the linebreaks get lost somewhere.
** All right! Happy to say that I found out something important: When I choose "Basic Editor" for comments, and write text and line breaks by mobile phone, it works!!!

When I do the manual switch (as in my answer) it does not work. So obviously something is missing.