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Even though I have chosen to "Allow questions with no category" in Administration Center - Categories, the new categories page (added in 1.2.1) as well as the side bar (display of categories) do not show the uncategorized questions.

Of course one solution is to edit all the uncategorized questions and forcefully add under a category. However, this is tedious as the number of questions grow.

So what could be done is to add "Uncategorized questions" to the categories page (as well as the sidebar display). Other wise, the option "Allow questions with no category" is of no use.

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I understand, but I think it's a little strange to show "uncategorized" as a category on the category page, or in the category bar on the right. You can still of course see these questions on the general questions listing page.

In your case perhaps it would make sense to have an 'Other' category, which is the first so chosen by default, and not allow people to choose no category?

I'm interested in anyone else's comments on this.
Does not category of WordPress serve as a reference ... ?

There is "Other" in default state. The making of the article belongs to no category just after that, but is in "Other" automatically when I did not appoint any category at a save point in time. Of course "Other" cannot deleted.