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I want to add a sub-navigation menu to my q2a site. Like the ones on the q2a q&a:


I can't find any plugin or admin menu option to enable and configure these links.

Essentially  I want to render the qa-nav-sub related section.

Thank you!

Q2A version: 1.5.4
Where do you want to show the menu? On a custom page?
Basically, I'm trying to scope things by Category. The top-menu has buttons for the category, then the sub-menu should have the filters within the category: hot, most votes, etc... (the usual stuff). So I want to show the sub-menu on /questions/category-name/ pages.
I think you need custom sub-nav menu items? not defaults. Is that the case?
@towhid pointed out, I'm new to q2a, that I created "custom" pages (via the add link button in admin->pages). I'm just trying to get the "standard" sub-nav on those "custom" link pages... I guess. I'm not sure what the correct terminology is here.
Well if you are new to Q2A may be this also will help you. http://www.youtube.com/user/q2amarket/featured I have just started to work on it. So still need to finish entire setup guide.

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my guese is you made changes in your Q2A source or theme or in Page's Option that caused it.

check out: https://support.circuithub.com/unanswered

it has sub menus. while


does not, because it's a link to a category.

check out:

https://support.circuithub.com/questions/ or https://support.circuithub.com/hot/

you can see Q2A generated pages in Admin>Pages.
That's correct, but then how do I get the submenu on the "link" pages? ...or perhaps I took the wrong approach? I just want the buttons to take you to a category but other than that behave as they would on a "page" page (but scoped to the category). Is that a custom development job?
yes, you will need to override "nav()" function in your "qa-theme.php" file and change raw array which it receives as parameter.
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I released simple "Subnavi Maker" plugin. I am glad if I help somebody.