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For 1.6 or later, there is somebody who implemented the "all questions" and "all answers" by user xyz quite beautiful, see here:



+ click on:     Activités |  36 Questions  |  38 Réponses   ...      12 Abonnés | 24 Abonnements

This is clear to everyone, slick, and kind of intuitive!#

PS: Hope that Scott can see how his plugin got advanced! I contacted the developer quickly, and see if he can open-source his version.

The developer, named Fazoui, replied: "For this part is not based on qa. It is custom development done by me. I use ajax to load tabs. This module is not open source. Maybe in few month i will release new theme for Q2A with some good modules."

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Yes, it is kind of nice, should be core with standard list views.
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