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I am relatively new to Q & A sites but I have been evaluating a few options for a project I am trying to launch. I rellay like the Q2A site plus the community is great an active. The issue I currently have is I need to create a tab that will act as a users homepage/dashboard. This table will list all the users questions and answers, anyone know how to go about doing this

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the existing user page facility (click on your own username) shows all the recent activity you've been involved in already. You could add a link to this page to the menu in a custom PHP theme (or with 1.4, using the new theme layers facility).

You would need to determine the username of the current user in the theme code, perhaps by overriding the theme's header() function, and add a link to the menu by inserting it into the correct place in the $this->content['navigation'] structure.

Great thanks for pointing me in the right direction
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Hi Shehan, I have recently created a plugin for Q2A that I think will suit your needs - User Activity Plus. Let me know what you think!