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Send mail make slow Q2A system.

if in admin pannel > emails  checked Email this address when a question is posted


  1. Someone posting a questions. (send mail to Admin )
  2. comment ( send mail owner )
  3. select answer ( send mail answerer)
  4. etc

I tested both use default php mail() function and smtp with gmail server. Both is too slow.
default php mail() function delay almost 7~10sec. smtp with gmail, too

if unselected notification, all is fast 

So I think, to solve this problem AJAX send mail is needed.


Help me ;p

Q2A version: 1.5.4

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I have this problem too. Answering goes fast because only one e-mail is sent, but posting comments in long conversations is quite slow, takes seconds.


Is there a way to queue these things? To make everything more efficient and not mess with the user friendliness of the website?
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It seems strange that email transmission requires 7~10 second... Usage is a little difficult. However my plugin("Async Email") may be useful for you. This plugin largely improves the screen response by separating the handling of email from post operation. In addition, "NP" is the plugin that evolved this architecture more.

Async Email (free)

Notification Pro (not free)
Hey super-sama any way I can get that Notification Pro plugin? I know it's not free, can I e-mail you for price ranges etcetera?