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Recently we are facing a slowdown on our Q2A site and mostly it is due to the below update query to qa_words table. Is there a good workaround to get around this? "show processlist" in the MySQL console often shows this same process.

| 29984267 | qauser          | localhost:56462 | qa   | Query   |     1 | executing                   | UPDATE qa_words AS x, (SELECT qa_words.wordid, COUNT(qa_contentwords.wordid) AS contentcount FROM qa_words LEFT JOIN qa_contentwords ON qa_contentwords.wordid=qa_words.wordid WHERE qa_words.wordid IN (63,38178,52,7588,9810,617,170424,1049,105,6375,1622,905,845,888,592,41033,679,294,4550,61,38,3699,4,224,7,1162,13,264,14,688,1118,145,220,2736,1318,1353,59,5203,26664,28855,27739,28962) GROUP BY wordid) AS a SET x.contentcount=a.contentcount WHERE x.wordid=a.wordid |

mysql> select count(*) from  qa_words;


| count(*) |


|   146314 |

Q2A version: 1.8.8

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