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Would it be possible to list all users on /users with a numbering?


Example 1 to 5:

1. gidgreen 171,370
2. Scott 63,650
3. NoahY 34,760
4. echteinfachtv (Kai) 14,940
5. monk333 13,620





Q2A version: 1.5.3
because core structure designed with table and so may be you need to convert with <OL> or if it allows to override than may be you can create a plugin. Or may be one trick may works by adding one <td> and increment number with fore loop or something. This is just an idea.. but also would like to know some strong solution
this could be done by jquery, here is a table pagination plugin: http://neoalchemy.org/tablePagination.html
Yes you are right jquery may a solution but not the solid solution I believe. I prefer PHP itself. However it is subjective . Thanks! :)

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That indeed is my need too