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Just wanted to give the users list some more margin to top and left, but there is no specific selector I can grap!

There is only:

.qa-main >.qa-top-users-table

which I can style, but there is no way to grap the headline h1.

And assigning other styles to

.qa-main >h1

would have affect on all headlines.

Further styling


directly would effect all main content areas.


Suggestion: Add an identifier ID (or second css CLASS) to qa-main for the "/users" page!
for the next release

As I see I cannot add easily a class to qa-page-users.php as I cannot "touch" qa-main there.


Q2A version: 1.5.3

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You have the qa-template-users class on the <BODY> of the page.

thanks gid! that one was indeed hidden to me :)