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Here i have done new plugin to display avatar from newly registerd members. There is already a plugin to list all new registered member display on the page done by kai. Thanks to kai

However this plugin will allow you to add widget on all available places.


  • User avatr
  • Limit how many members want to display on widget
  • Tolltip with username and registered date
  • Enable or disable tooltip

I will try to add more features in next version.

Download Here

Thanks men! Good job! :)
fantastic work my friend! should definitely come in handy. question though, how should one go about displaying the username along with the avatar ? Most new users don't even upload an avatar so having their username also appear seems to be a bit more useful. Thank you for this great share!
Oh great idea and hear I think should work for next version now with having few options like display only user name or only avatar or both. right? However if you want it now than you can simply use handle instead of avatar.
yeah, figured. Still working on displaying the handle next to the avatar. Hopefully I can get it to work. Not a very good dev :P
That's fine. To get align handle next to avatar you need to use css. what you can do is add handle code after avatar code and if handle doesn't get align than use float:left property for both avatar and handle but I believe block:inline property should work for both.

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Cool! Nice to see that somebody continues dev :)

Maybe you implement the new-member-page as well?

from my "basic" plugin: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/18456/new-plugin-newest-users-v0-1
That's a good idea. we can merge both plugin into one.