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I did not like to spend too much time opening phpmyadmin, going to table qa_blobs and check what are the new images uploaded.

Well this has an end, a plugin is your friend:

Question2Answer List Uploads v0.1

- This is a plugin for Question2Answer that displays the newest uploads (images) of the last days on a separate page
- Access-URL your-q2a-installation.com/listuploads



Note, this is version 0.1 - first release.


Things that could be implemented in the future:

- only works for images (not other files)

- allow admin to detele blobs



Note: You can use the lightbox effect (click on an image it opens in a popup layer) if you have installed the lightbox. If you do not use lightbox, you can optionally edit file qa-list-uploads-page.php, remove comment from 72 and comment out line 75. This will open the image in another window (target blank).

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It seems nice.

Unfortunately, I use the editor named Markdown, which can't upload image. I'm waiting for it's new version.