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After upgrading to 1.5.1 I tried to upload a different default avatar. The previous image got deleted, but the new one didn't upload. Tried several times different browser and computers and nothing works.

Any help would be appreciated.
Q2A version: 1.5.1
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Any errors in your web server's error_log?
Thank you for answering. Unfortunately there is nothing in the error_logs. Where is the default avatar saved? Is there anyway I can upload the avatar manually?
It's possible, but fairly involved. What happens if you try to upload the image as a user's avatar?
It won't upload either. I try uploading the same image here in Q2A and works OK. So the problem is not the image. Thanks for your time.
So it seems likely that GD is somehow broken in your PHP installation. Can you check the output of phpinfo()?
Yes I can access phpinfo. Here is the link with an image of the GD information:

OK, GD looks fine. So I'm kind of stumped. I'm really surprised that there is nothing in Apache's error_log about it. Perhaps it's not where you expect?
Actually it's working OK, the problem is the browser. Internet Explorer it's not showing the avatar but Google Chrome is.

IE on W7 = No (Tested on two computers)
Chrome on XP = No
Chrome on W7 = Yes

Thanks for all your help.
OK. This was fixed in 1.5.2.
Thanks I notice that after the last reply. Thanks for the fix and for this great product.