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I just realized that each different size of an avatar image is another request to the server, e.g.:

A - http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/bc2cbe1f00546d24471eab12909469fd?s=20

B - http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/bc2cbe1f00546d24471eab12909469fd?s=30

To save requests and data, and to have a faster site, try to use same avatar sizes where appropriate. Settins in admin panel: admin/users

Now I am using the same size for avatars in the question list and for comments. Saves me a couple of requests already, and speeds up my site by 0.18 seconds.
Good tip. Personally I don't have avatars on comments at all, seems a bit cluttered to me :D
Great idea! However, I cannot find the option in the admin panel. Have you coded it? Or did I overlook it?
Ah, I guess it is admin/users → Avatar size on comments: 0 ?

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