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How can I display the avatar of the questioner or the answerer in a desired place? For example, I want to display it separately from the meta section and before the question title. I don't want to do this with css
Q2A version: 1.8
I'm not sure that's even possible with CSS alone, since the avatar is in a completely different <div> than the question title, along with other content. Also, what about the avatars of people answering a question? Do you want to handle them differently? Why?
I just want to move the avatar of the users on the main page of the questions, of course, this can be done with JavaScript or the position property in CSS, but it is not professional. Both the avatar of the questioner and the answerer are displayed on the main page. I just want to move it
Oh, you meant in the question list. You should've mentioned that in your question. But my point still stands. The avatar is in a <span> along with other metadata, whereas the title is in a separate <div>, which makes changing the avatar position ... tricky. It'd be a *lot* easier if you adjusted the PHP code to render the avatar where you want it to be.

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