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Hi All,

In a particluar question page, we can able to see its answers and comments.

In this same way i want to show all questions details one-by-one when particluar tag is selected.

Is it possible?
As my site is interview question answer related, user may want to read all questions and related answers under a particular topic i.e., tag..

So, any idea will help.
As im new to advance php used in Q2A, detailed answer will help more.

Thank you

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Hi Gidgreen, thanks for your support..
I somewhat managed to implement this by providing previous, next button.. :)

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I'm not sure if I'm understanding the question correctly, but the page for each tags shows a list of questions with that tag. Isn't that what you want?
Hi Gidgreen, yes currently we are showing all questions tagged with particular tag. I dont want to change that functionality. That is fine only.

I want to add one more page, where user can feed tag name and submit.

There i want to show all questions with answers and comments (in the same format as showing in question page) with pagination.

Is it possible? Thank you.
Thanks - now I understand better. I'm afraid this is not currently possible and would require quite major changes, but I will consider adding it in a future release if there is sufficient demand.
Thanks Gidgreen!