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Why my many links in www.dpmain.com/questions/....... got deleted ?

but questions are already there. only links with www.domain.com/questions are being deleted  automatically while reindexing. Please help ...do i need to worry about this? 284 pages are showing not found error.
Q2A version: 1.5.2
What is the site?
I'm not really understanding what pages are getting 'deleted'.
I previously had a link something like this


which automatically got deleted after reindexing & google webmaster also reported page not found.

It happened for 284 such links.         ...../questions/categoryname?start

Do I need to worry about it ? or is it the part of reindexing ?
It's hard to know what the problem is without the site URL.
Does the site still show the questions on the home page and other pages as normal? Do the categories still exist? Do you still have the same number of questions in each category or did you recategorize questions? Did you check if the content is still in the database itself?

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If you did anything that changed the page urls, Google might drop the old pages when it got 404s, and it would take some time for the new urls to get indexed.

This is just a guess of course.