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Hi everyone ! (Thanks gideon ^_^)

Javascript error occurs at first answer (Screen is not updated).
I checked also by Demo Site. 

Error source: qa-content/qa-page.js (L39)

I corrected to the lower code. 

function qa_set_inner_html(elem, type, html)
/* replace CMSBOX [start] */
/* elem.innerHTML=html; */
if (elem)
/* replace CMSBOX [end] */
Q2A version: V1.5
I haven't seen this problem here - do you mean the first *ever* answer, or the first answer for a particular question? What browser are you using? Any advanced themes or layers that are modifying the HTML?
I checked below demo site yesterday. Yesterday, "elem" was empty. It had become script error. But, phenomenon does not reappear today...
Test browser: Chrome, Firefox, IE8

Sorry, if it does not reappear there, it may be problem depending on my environment(browser cache etc...).
OK - sounds like something might just have stopped the page loading in the middle, e.g. a networking glitch.

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