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For answers i have editor with style buttons but for comments i only have text field without any buttons. Problem is when i convert answer to comment and then edit the comment i get a full editor with buttons. When i hit save all is wrapped with "p" tag and it fonts in comment looks like in answer because of "p" tag. How can i get basic text editor with answers that are converted to comments?



If i delete "markdown" from "format" column in "qa_post" table for that post this answer converted to text looks ok and when i edit it only basci editor shows :) that's ok but what should i change and where in the code so that i don't have to do it manually :D

Q2A version: 1.5

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You could create a plugin with an event module that detects when an answer is converted to a comment, and makes sure the database contains only the text representation, using the functions in qa-app-posts.php.