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Is it possible to convert a comment into an answer?

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That functionality isn't in Q2A at the moment but it's a good idea, maybe gidgreen with implement it.

I guess you could edit the comment manually in the database* but it would be easier for now to just hide the comment and post the answer.

* For that you'll need to find the row and change the parent to be the question ID (that's the number in the URL i.e. 2360 for this one) and also change the type from 'C' to 'A'.
This is not implemented yet (v1.5.2).

Any chances to get this feature in the next version?
This is not implemented yet right ?

There is a convert answer to comment which is really necessary, but the comment to answer is too.

Any idea how to implement it or when will it be in Q2A ?
Would be nice to have this feature in core!
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I recently created a plugin for that: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/30300/new-plugin-convert-comment-to-answer

This should help.