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In ckeditor if an image is pasted it'll be converted to "base64" format which often crosses the limit of the Q2A posts table size. Is there a way where we can convert the copy pasted image content to an image URL (auto upload in the background?)? I'm currently using the ckeditor 4.22 (needed some patching to make it work)

Q2A version: 1.8.8

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Strictly speaking, I'd say this falls more on the CKEditor world rather than Q2A. At the end of the day, the new piece of software would:

  1. "Listen" to the image to be added to the CKEditor
  2. Once the previous event is trigged, send a web request to store the image as a blob in Q2A and get a blob id/URL
  3. Update the CKEditor content to create an image HTML tag with an image linking to the newly created blobid
The only step in which Q2A is involved is step 2, and that endpoint already exists. So the work to be done should involve developing a CKEditor plugin to perform step 1 and 3 (or checking if someone has already developed something similar).
Thank you @pupi for your reply. I agree with you and I found this plugin too.

But unfortunately it is not working - as soon as an image is pasted in the latest ckeditor4, it is converted to base64.