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I'm wondering whether there's any tutorial for assigning moderators in Q2A when I'm under Wordpress integration?

I'm using the latest Q2A with Wordpress 3.3.2.


I saw this question: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/15204/how-to-make-a-user-into-an-expert-editor-moderator-or-admin


and it says that I need to do something in qa_get_logged_in_user(...) function in qa-external-users-wp.php. But honestly, I'm not familiar with this and I'd like to ask for some guidelines.. what do I need to do here exactly?


I just want to assign some users to be moderators, but rather than based on points, it should be based on the wordpress roles.


Alternatively, if anyone have any simpler make-do for this purpose, I'd really appreciate it if you could share it.


Thank you :)

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Anybody knows anything about this? I figured out that using minimum points for moderating permission, and giving my moderators bonus points would work.

But, it would be very discouraging to other users as they will see a user with abnormal points-count moderating their questions. Since i'm starting a new site this would not be a good solution.


By the way, the above question is mine, but I forgot to log in when I posted it.

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There's no specific mapping for moderators, but a WordPress editor will be assigned as a Q2A editor as well. Here's the relevant code from qa-external-users-wp.php:


if (current_user_can('administrator'))
elseif (current_user_can('editor'))
elseif (current_user_can('contributor'))
current_user_can(...) is a WordPress function.
I tried this: elseif (current_user_can('moderator'))
But that doesn't seem to make moderators in Q2A out of moderators assigned in wordpress with both sharing the same database