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Caching is not working, I have tried everything, it still showing The directory home/u5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/domains/xxxxxxxxx.com/public_html/qna/q2a-cache defined as QA_CACHE_DIRECTORY is not writable by the web server.

Is there anyone facing this issue?
Q2A version: Version 1.8.6
That's a different path than what you said last time. Also, did you follow the advice I gave you then and check the permissions of *all* directories in that path? Could it be something basic like the filesystem being full (or inodes exhausted)? Do you have shell access to the server to check these things?
I ask my hosting provider they, gave me this path, and they steup this, they have tried everything they could, they also change the file permission as you told in my previous post. They said there must be somthing error from the developer end.
That seems unlikely, since it's apparently working for everyone else. It's also unlikely anyone but your hoster will be able to get to the bottom of this, b/c playing Chinese Whispers with you as the middle man won't get us anywhere.

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