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I have a custom script, which bulk uploads many questions straight into Q2A database.

It is working fine, except a few things.

  1. question count number is not increasing (at the bottom of every page);
  2. points are not being added to question author (it can be fixed by clicking the button id admin section, which recalculates points).

If I create question manually it is ok, stats updates to correct number and points are added.

So, there should be functions, which are called in order to update Q count and points, but I couldn't find any. Maybe someone can provide their names?

You can go to Admin/stats and do recalculate
Yes I can, but I'm trying to avoid manual intervention. I think I found solution with qa_post_create() function, which is stored in qa-include/app/posts.php on 36-101 lines.
Oh I didnt realize you want to do bulk import repeatedly. But qa_post_create is always the best way to create posts automatically.

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