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A small portion of my site logo seems to be duplicated to the right of the navbar, and I don't know how to fix it. I've already let GD know of the issue but I'm wondering if there's a quick fix to patch things up before the next update?

Q2A version: latest

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Yeah, as I previously said, That fix is being added to the next theme update.

Instead of pushing a new theme update everytime there's a smallest tweak, I usually wait to gather the most information possible, along with everybody's responses to issues they're having, so I can push a single update to everyone instead.

People have different kinds of Q2A setups for different purposes. So gathering information from different sources plays a big part on updating themes. Although, not everybody replies to emails as fast as issues are reported. Sometimes they don't even reply back at all. So I sit there waiting for a feedback that comes late, or never comes at all. So that can extend update release times.

Quick Fix:

You could add this to your theme.min.css and frontpage.min.css

@media (min-width:1300px) {
    .sc-logo-container {
        opacity: 0;
        visibility: hidden;

And increase the patch number on qa-theme.php file, line 5 . Patch  "?v=2170"  to patch  "?v=2171" .

Thanks for the reply, I know someone who had the same issue as me so this will help a lot of people.