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Hello everyone... I wish you can help me with this.. I need to be sure about the following questions:

1- How many words? or the length of every question should be if I want to get AdSense approval?

2- How many questions in my website should I have to get AdSense approval?

3- If there are questions without answers on the website, do they affect on AdSense approval?
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Eligibility requirements for AdSense

Your website should be fairly populated. 1/2 pages of questions with original content.

Length of questions' title shouldn't be a problem, as long as they're comprehensive and make sense.
Bad: AdSense Saturn water approval?
Good: How can I get AdSense approval?

Questions don't necessarily need to have answers or correct answers selected. But a few exemplar questions with some answers goes a long way for the AdSense reviewer, and also your community as an example of how answers should be constructed.

Website should be live for a number of months, and have:

  • Site Traffic - Good traffic (not Bot views)
  • Have an HTTPS protocol (you could get these for free with Cloudflare if necessary.)
  • Easy to use Navigation Menu or Breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs example:
    -> Homepage > Destinations > Gallery > Reviews > About us
    There's a plugin for that on the repository page by Ami. Navigation Menu should be enough, but if they ask for this you can just install it.

★ You can also check out the AdSense site approvals video series for more information.
★ After getting accepted you should follow the 
AdSense Program policies.

I have noticed that the more complete the menu is: contact page, about us and this type of pages.
Also have the Cookies and privacy policies well carried out, as well as the legal notice.
I also usually add content to the blog about 15 original articles written by me.
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The number of visitors is the most important factor, the more visitors, the more likely your site will be accepted by Adsense.

There is no clear evidence for the number of words in the topic or the number of topics on the site.

All you have to do is submit your site to Adsense after the availability of an appropriate number of visitors and topics, and every time the rejection is made, read the notes and improve accordingly.
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  • You need at least 15 to 20 posts.
  • There should not be any dead links.
  • Daily traffic of 20 to 30 is good for faster approval.
  • Add important pages like About Us, Privacy Policy and Contact Us etc.