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I want to allow my registered users to hide their name and adk question anonymously. How i can do it
Q2A version: 1.8.6
Now I developed a plugin to allow user posting anonymously.


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I don't think there is an Plugin to that

You can contact a developer to develop your own plugin

In the meantime, I can suggest two methods that may be of use to you:

1- The user logs out so that he can ask his question anonymously.

2- You can use the q2apro Change Post Owner plugin, which enables you to change the user name of the question owner, for example, suppose that “John” asked a question, through this tool you will be able to change the question owner from “John” to “anonymous” or “username” specific".
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To enable your registered users to ask questions anonymously you can use a feature called “Anonymous Posting”. This feature will allow your users to post questions without displaying their name or other information.

That would allow everyone to post anonymously, though, not just registered users. Meaning you'll get a lot of spam.