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I'm just browsning my gmail (in wich every long mail title is trimed) and thinking that in my site looks little bit disorderly becouse of different qa-q-list-item size (height).

So i'm wondering is it easy to do that question title (qa-q-item-title) and question meta (qa-q-item-meta) would be trimmed after X letters ?

Thanks :)
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Is this what you mean?

        function q_item_title($question)
            $maxlen = 20;
                '<DIV CLASS="qa-q-item-title">',
                '<A HREF="'.$question['url'].'">'.(strlen($question['title'])>$maxlen?qa_substr($question['title'],0,$maxlen).'...':$question['title']).'</A>',

Thanks, but i solved it by using css for seo issues.