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Headers have a thumbnail plugin feature. If there is no photo in a header, I want it to say no photo with a small photo.

It is an open source plugin. The php codes are as follows. If there is no photo in the title with additional code with php, I want to add a small text without a photo. additional css code may also work for me. Can someone knowledgeable do it? I think it will come in handy for many people.

Q2A version: 1.8.5
It's not quite clear to me what you're trying to accomplish here (a mock-up screenshot would help illustrating your desired outcome). What "headers" do you mean? Do you want to add a default user profile picture in the question list for users who haven't uploaded a profile picture? You can already define that in the Users section of the Administration center. Whether that is being displayed is up to the theme, though.

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