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Request for a Database Backup plugin. Vote it up! ...if you find it useful.

It was mentioned to use sqldump or phpMyAdmin here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/2358/best-method-to-import-export-the-database . But they aren't stright forward solutions, though. Especially for non-programmers.

My suggestion is to make it as simple as possible - two buttons in the widget admin section:  export and import.

Sounds like a very good idea !

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I am willing to finance this as a thanks for the program developers

anyone willing to do it and a price quote ?
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Here is the plugin. Please test it and give feedback.

I just added a bug fix for import.
can we add backup file of another Q2A website to another while keeping previous data remains there.
If you import a backup file done with this plugin, first old data is deleted and then import is performed. Merging old data with the new would lead to many problems (duplicate questions/users, non-unique id's, etc). So the answer is unfortunately no.

If you wish to move your database to another server, you can do it. The only thing you need to change manually is to update your site url in Admin->General->"URL to use when referring to your site".