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Hey, When I add others websites link in the question body or in the answer body, it makes nofollow link by default. Then if I change the "rel=nofollow" to "rel=" dofollow" of these links, it stills not working.

I use Ultimate SEO Plugin in my q2a site. There is an option for add links to making dofollow. But it also doesn’t working. 

How can I make dofollow link in question and answer body content? 

Link Optimization Section:

Genaral Setting In Admin Panel: 

HTML Code of post that I want make dofollow link: 


Site Language : Bengali

Q2A version: 1.8.6
You will need to provide the following information:
 1. Screenshot of the Link Optimization section of the Ultimate SEO plugin
 2. URL of your site (textual, don't change it)
 3. Preferred URL you've set in admin/general (textual, don't change it)
 4. Textual content of the post that is supposed to work and is not working (you can get the HTML from the database)
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If you read the screenshot carefully, you will see that you have internal and external links. Internal links are managed by the checkbox. External links are whitelisted one by one. You've added those 3 domains. However, you are including links for other domains (such as tune71.com) which are not whitelisted.

If you want to apply a dofollow to domains, you need to specify one by one in the plugin. Note this makes sense. You need to make sure you site links to legit and decent content. Otherwise, search engines will lower your ranking.

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Yes bro. I know, I should be careful for making a link as dofollow. But I have a little confusion.

There are three options in the Link Optimization Section.
1. External
2. Internal
3. Dofollow

i. What I should select in the checkbox?

ii. Are you suggesting me to add link with "https://www" (htttps://www.example.com)?

iii. How can I make a link as whitelisted?
The code of the plugin was really buggy. I recreated some sections of it and updated my fork.

I tried to make that section more intuitive. Now you should add domains and apply what you want to do with them. For example:

 * your-own-site.com: Dofollow (this means whitelisted)
 * other-site-you-have.com: Dofollow (this means whitelisted)
 * a-bad-site.com: Nofollow (although you could just not add this rule as the default is actually nofollow)

My fork of the plugin lives here: https://github.com/pupi1985/q2a-ultimate-seo
@pupi1985, I have faced same problem.After adding other sites link for backlink,it does not work.I am using ultimate seo plugin that you extended some features.But I could not find any solution. If you can do something then tell me what I can or Please tell me details...
That doesn't help much. I need steps to reproduce or, at least, a screenshot of the configuration used and the data of the question so that I can at least try to deduce something
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@pupi1985,I have added other site link like the below screeshot. https://askbangla.xyz/images/1.png

Then,I wrote a content and added site link with "rel" attribution.You can see below screenshot: https://askbangla.xyz/images/2.png

After that,this link created "nofollow" .See bellow:

But I want to show only dofollow for backlink.How can I fix this problem??
The placeholder of the field says "google.com or www.google.com".

Following that logic, you shouldn't use "http://ansguru.com" but rather "ansguru.com".

Does that fix the issue?
@pupi1985,After adding "www.ansguru.com" or "ansguru.com" , it doesn't work. It shows as ( http://askbangla.xyz/images/3.png ) this screenshot. Please suggest me how to fix this problem...

I'm not sure I can help you any further. I followed the same steps and added the ansguru.com domain in my test site. This is what I got when testing that domain and testing google.com as well:

As you can see, the "rel" attribute becomes a "dofollow" implicitly. And google is rejected with the "nofollow". In your screenshot, something is wrong. You have the dofollow and nofollow values. That's wrong and I can't reproduce this with my version of the plugin. Maybe you have another plugin that is interfering? That's as far as I get from here.

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No,I am not using other plugin. I am using that you extended. If I create a content with my other site link for dofollow  backlink without "rel" attribution to the  link.Example: <a href="http://ansguru.com">click Here</a>. Here I did not mention rel="dofollow" but it will have implicitly. It will not show but it will work as dofollow link. Do you mean all this ??
rel="dofollow" is the same as not having the rel attribute at all. But I'm a bit confused because in the image you showed me, there is a rel="dofollow nofollow" which makes no sense and I cannot reproduce
I think,there is a rel="dofollow nofollow" which can not be solved.
@pupi1985 Brother, when I was using the previous version of Ultimate Seo Plugin, I used this plugin sitemap and it was updated regularly in the search console.But since I installed your updated plugin, my Sitemap Search Console has not been updated automatically. It has to be updated manually.
If you think you've found a bug, feel free to submit it as such in the Issues section of the GitHub repository. But please, provide step by step instructions to replicate it, contrasting expected vs. actual behavior. Note the plugin just generates XML files... it doesn't matter at all whether you use Google Search Console or any other tool.