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My Q2A server has a bad performance on posting questions. It takes 10-11s to post a new question, 6-7s to comment or upvote answers. But other actions such as search questions or load pages go well. I do not modify any config params except MySQL details. I check the web-server logs but nothing seems abnormal.

My environment:

    - OS: centos 7, ram 64Gi

    - Docker container: nginx:latest, php-fpm: latest, mysql: latest

Do you have any ideas to improve the performance of the system?
Q2A version: 1.8.6
Because it can't be repeated often enough: docker is a good runtime environment for stateless services (like web frontends), but a *terrible* runtime environment for stateful services (like databases). It never ceases to amaze me how people constantly disregard this very basic fact.
As for performance, essentially write operations seem to be slow while read operations are not. Check your disk I/O (e.g. with dstat) and check MySQL for slow queries (enable slow query logging).
Thanks for your information. I tried to insert and update records directly to the database via Navicat and it takes a little time. I will work on your suggestion and hope to find out something.

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