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I would like to use Q2A at my website (kaloriabazis.hu), but I'm not sure yet it can fulfill the requirements.
I have a very old and simple forum, and I want to use like this. But I need to import all my topics and generate two separate board:
1. I want this superb Q&A style
2. I still want to keep old forum topics and comments, but some of them has 15000 or more comments.
Any performance issue can be expected?
Btw do you recommend me to use Q2A for this purpose?
If not, I would be very helpful if you have a good advice what else service to use.
I dont think you should use Q2A if a single question/post is having such a lot of comments. This may not be a performance issue but I don't think any Q2A theme is optimized for showing such a lot of comments. I'm not sure of current forums but surely some of them should be better for this purpose. Consider Q2A only if there is an 'Answer' for a question/post which you want to show and comments are secondary.

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