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I'm using q2a-markdown-editor by svvian , 

It's working on (ask question page). But not working  (writing new blog post page ) 

I use (blogs tolls plugin) premium vision,, 

this is ask question page,,

this is blogs tolls plugin, 

Please help to solve the problem,,,

Q2A version: Latest version

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I'm assuming this must be a different Blog plugin, because when I downloaded the free Blog plugin available in the Q2A Addons to replicate this problem, the plugin didn't work.

But by inspecting your DOM and looking at your screenshots, I can see that the Markdown elements are being loaded, it's just the styling links that aren't being loaded for the Blog Page.

So adding the Blog Page template tag to the Markdown plugin should solve the problem.
Open q2a-markdown-editor folder > qa-md-layer.php > line 16

$tmpl = array('ask', 'question');

Should be changed for something like this:

$tmpl = array('ask', 'question', 'blog-new');

Or just 'blog', if that didn't work. I can't test it for sure.

Yes ,,, this is working,,,,
Thank you so much