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whenever I add some text in the title of the question, the existing URL changes automatically. this will may affect my site. please tell me how to stop this issue.
Q2A version: 1.8.6

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Set the question title length to 0 (under Administration center → Viewing) to prevent the title from appearing in the URL.

I want the title to appear in the URL, but need to prevent changing the URL when we change the title.
The URL is constructed from the actual title. If you don't want the title to change: don't change the title in the first place. Otherwise you'll have to write a plugin that'll a) store the original title in a different place and construct the URLs from that place, or b) store modifications to the title in a different place and display the question title from that place.
But does that impact SEO?
iam not a coding guy, need to hire someone do this task
Of course, whenever you change the URL, the optimization of that page starts from the beginning. If this happens to you, you must redirect 301 from the old URL to the new one