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I do not think this is useful ,as spam not use text box ,They send http request directly
Do not think so.
Normally the bot manager will send a test post to analyze the body of the test request which text field should fill, and add the required field to the bot request, in this condition , hidden the text is not useful
*sigh* Really? Did you read the article I linked? The field is hidden via CSS. If a spammer processes the form with some automated tool, that tool will most likely ignore the CSS, so when sending a request they'll send it with *all* fields filled in. A regular user (using their browser) will *not* see the field, and therefore their request will *not* have data in that field.
"will most likely" is just the author's guess
If I am a spam bot manager , I will check which is the most useful field manually and just post these field only
Your assumption that there will be any manual verification by a spam bot "manager" is incorrect. For the *vast* majority of spam bots at least.