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So far I have sent 3 q2a sites to google ads to advertise, none of them approved.

Reason for disapproval; malware

What should we do for this? There must be some way to get Google ads to approve ads!
Q2A version: 1.8.6
@emre he said you should go for adsense alternative or change your complete way of earning
yes. Paid membership to get rid of ads is useful to have. We have tried it now trying to get an automated subscription mechanism to Q2A so that this can be fully automatic.
this can reduce the number of users , But if you can provide extra perks on membership like notes ,  video solution ,exams , doubt clearing sessions , etc that will be good
Brainiak, thank you very much for the answer. Yes, I use a monetization system on our site, but I tried every way, they still do not accept it.

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Well, the problem isn't the platform. You can actually see many Q2A websites running Adsense ads on Q2A sites list.

This is most likely an issue with your domain.

There's a number of things that could result in Google viewing your domain as malicious

First of all, check the basics.
Are you running any other scripts on that same domain?
For example are you running one script on (domain.com) and then running Q2A on a subdomain (q2a.domain.com) ? If so, make sure it's not malicious, of course. This other script might be the generating point for this issue.

Weird/Unusual domain extensions
Having weird domain extensions can be detected as a malicious website (ex: http://ghu.afu.td). A website solely created for malware purposes.

SSL Certificate
Make sure you have an SSL Certificate for your domain, and force https to be used, instead of http.

External Links
Make sure your external links also link to https pages and are not linking to any third-party blacklisted websites.

"Have sent 3 websites with none of them approved"
If all sites are hosted in the same domain (q2aSite1.domain.com , q2aSite2.domain.com , q2aSite3.domain.com) all of them will get the same response. Being approved or being disapproved, because what counts is the main domain name here. If your domain.com is eligible, then all of your domain is eligible. Meaning you can display ads all over the domain's tree. Main domain, subdomains, subfolders etc...

Read More: Unwanted Software Policy

After verifying everything, making the changes and swapping to (HTTPS) protocol, clear your website's cache, wait 10-12 hours, check if everything looks good and ask for another review.

First of all, thank you very much for your answer. Yes, there is no problem when publishing google adsense, I used adsense for a long time in my other project.

Now I'm trying to get approved for google ads. I tried it on subdomain first, SSL is available, all other requested pages are available, and when I post my ad, I get a malware alert.

Thinking the domain name was a problem, I bought a new domain name and moved the site there, but the result is still the same. I have tried every way now but it is still not approved. A few ads were approved yesterday but then canceled again as malware.

I provide users with a method of monetization on my site. I guess that's why it is flagged as malware.

Thank you very much for your reply.
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Years ago they hacked my q2a site. All my efforts were wasted, maybe there is really a malicious code inside q2a! Someone please find this out!