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I would like to use Google AdWords Conversion Tracking to track and measure the lead conversions. Google has JS Conversion snippets which need to be integrated on target pages (e.g. Thank you page after registration); once reached a conversion is counted.

In which files do I need to integrate the Google AdWords Conversion snippets to count number of registrations and asked questions?

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You can use the 'Custom HTML' options in the 'Layout' section of the 'Admin' panel to insert these above or below the body.
The problem is: The snippet has only to be integrated in some pages.
I will try to echo out the code if a question was posted or answered, too. Maybe I will write here soon.
In that case you'll probably need to use an advanced theme to output the extra block in a more conditional way.
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There is no "thank you page", but: There is a page /confirm to confirm your mail.

So you can track the confirmation of user accounts, which is also nice. To do that: Log in to google analytics (you can import your conversions from there into adwords). Go to your administration/settings page, choose "edit" on the site you want to add the conversion.

There will be a paragraph saying "conversions" or "targets" (Not sure, i have no english "version"). Add a target with following configuration:

Target-Type: URL-Target

Keyword-Options: Match on HEAD

Target-URL: /confirm

Then a conversion should be triggered every time a user confirms his mail.
Thank you for your feedback! I have configured it the way you described but haven't tested it so far.
Great. Does this work with users who's accounts are created via facebook logins too? Thanks.