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I'm just talking about the check-box being blank and let the person opt in. I have dug around in the code but I am a bit confused. It would be nice if people had to click to be notified.  

And thanks for the great software and support. If you are ever in Portland I will buy you a pizza.

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This is a good candidate for an option in a future version. In the meantime you can change it as follows:

Questions: modify this in qa-page-ask.php:

... to ...

Answers: modify this in qa-page-question.php:

isset($innotify) ? $innotify : true
... to ...
isset($innotify) ? $innotify : false

For comments, it's off by default anyway.
Can it be turned on for comments by default? I like the default being on, for questions certainly but perhaps comments also. I think it's likely to build community quicker and minimize one-time visitors who ask a question but never come back to check responses.
This is a little different because of how the flow is structured - you should replace the following line in the function qa_page_q_do_comment(...) in qa-page-question-post.php:


... with ...

$formtype='c_add'; unset($innotify);
Wow, you sure are on top of this! Thanks Gideon.
Thanks.. It worked perfectly. The support here is amazing.