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Any easy way to get the new question form to show the registration fields as well in case a non-registered user is trying to post?

This way, a user will quickly fill 3 more fields (username , pass, email) and will be able to post a question. Otherwise, many people are too lazy to register through the form and then return again to the question post page, so they just give up.

Any thoughts on how to implement this easily?
I'm not convinced... if someone is too lazy to register, they won't be of much benefit to the community, I don't think.  If you're not interested in building a dedicated community, you can always leave it open for anonymous questioners.

Having said that, I can see how it might be useful to let people ask a question and then tell them they can't ask it until they register.  Save the question as hidden until they register and then make the question appear once they do.  Something like that I think Askbot does.

BTW, I didn't vote your question down in case you were wondering... not sure who's the meanie, sometimes people just vote to test it out.
+1 for feature (or similar one).

That kind of comfortable things encourages* user to feel comfortable, resulting more registrations and community to be more active. That's why apple is so succsesfull, they think about user alot :)

*Sorry for english, don't sure about that word :)
Sometimes a user can be lazy to register, but if it will be an easy task for him and he'll get to know with the website and the community, he might be willing to contribute, once he sees how much it's helpful for him and to the general public.
Sometimes the first trigger which will make someone register is enough to get him to cooperate and be useful as well.

Anyway, it can't hurt :)
By the way, I just noticed this feature is available on stack overflow. So that is a good example of what I asked for. They allow people to register and ask a question, or just enter their name and email when asking, without actually registering in advance.

I think it's a cool and required feature :)

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I think that this is a great idea actually.

Basically, the user is incentivized to register when asking the question, because he only has to enter two extra fields: a username and a password.

If he enters those fields, the system should register him automatically as a new user.

Is this possible in any way?