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1. lot of spam users are registering daily, when I enable only admin, mod, the editor can post, there still posting questions though Anonymous  mode 

2. there is no proper robots.txt file google was crawling every unnecessary piece in the website (if so its very difficult to maintain an SEO friendly website), I can create it by my self but as a non-technical person, I don't know which folders to block. 

3. I'm using aven theme, my site is still in development, but i don't know how someone has created the subdomain (in my hosting Cpanel i see no subdomains are created, in file manager also i have seen no extra folders was created) but in google 555 pages are indexed with laptops.mysite.com/user/xxxx etc, there have posted no questions as i changed that setting to only for admins, editors, mod, but a lot of profile pages was indexed

without knowing or unknowing I have chosen this platform and was building a great product around it so Would be glad if someone using Q2A  for serious projects could connect me through telegram/WhatsApp: +919700336346 (so would be easy to assist each other fastly)


Q2A version: 1.8.5

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1- use stop spam plugin

2- don't block anything !

3-you can remove this links from google