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Quick background : I am using Q2A to setup community questions to speakers at a convention, that can be voted on due to there being limited question time, so the best questions will get put forward to the speakers on the convention weekend.

To extend the reach of the site, clever me thought I would use the facebook app ability with Q2A, this works really well ... but only on FF and Chrome.

On IE the page in the iframe on facebook repetitively refreshes.

From what I can gather this has something possibly to do with cookies in iframes and the p3p header.

I tried adding the following as per the FB developers documentation via the layout (just as a quick effort), but it does not seem to help .. any ideas on where I should try patching the code via php? Do I need specific policies set?

<meta http-equiv="P3P" content='CP="HONK"'>

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Found it.

If you are having problems with this, the way around it is to add this to your htaccess file :

Header append P3P "CP=\"HONK\""
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