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I've been looking at ways to allow for polls on my site, and I realized Q2A may be a good plattform for it, with a little tweaking.  Currently I'm using the Wordpress WP-Polls plugin, but may switch to Q2A if this works... anyone want to try it out?

The plugin is here:


Here's the feature list:

- allows creating questions as polls, which removes ability for others to answer, comment on, or vote down them  (vote up only).
- adds qa-main-poll wrapper to qa-main for custom poll css
- admin and mods can still answer, comment on, and edit polls
- choose between multi-voting or single-voting poll on ask form
- jQuery answer adding via ask form
- answer updates when voted on (optional)
- adds text to poll question titles
- all text fully customizable
- all css fully customizable

And here's some screenshots:

EDIT: Added a polls page and poll sub-nav item

EDIT: Added optional ability to comment on polls

EDIT: Added css styling to make it look more like a poll (customize via admin/plugins

please create a new poll plugin because this is wold and not working  very good.. if you can create a performant poll plugin with graphics statistics and more..

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Your plugin is GREAT, NoahY. Thank you. But I have a problem - I can save only "Text to add to poll title" and "Text to select question as poll on ask form" but no others three fields. Here is screenshot: http://i011.radikal.ru/1109/2a/8ab8758d2e16.png . Why three fields do not work?
Ah, my bad... forgot to set them in the save part... fixed now, please update your code.
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One request for your plugin: can you change it? I don`t want answer section, I want the coloured lines as here: http://otvety.google.ru/otvety/thread?tid=5dc343c78ed68c86&table=%2Fotvety%2F&clk=cts_ct . Can you do it, please?... ;-)
No, maybe someone else will, I'm content with it the way it is - the way you suggest is a whole other project; i just adapted the Q2A voting system to make a different type of question.

I would suggest embedding some other poll solution to get what you want.  Maybe Poll-daddy?
Yes, maybe...
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Awesome. Where can I see this plugin in action? And can user add poll question? or  only admin can do this?
Anyone who can post a question can turn it into a poll... I didn't think it necessary to make new permissions, since it's just like an ordinary question in most respects.  Not sure if anyone besides me will actually use this plugin, but maybe they can post their sites here?
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I would like to enable anonymous / anybody voting in permissions screen but the minimum level I see is registered voter. Is there a way to enable anonymous voting tracked by IP?
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Does it allow users to add their own answers as new options like on Facebook? Would be a nice addition if its not already there.
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Feature request: Hi would it be possible to associate an image or URL with the poll option? Let's say you're polling the office for which printer you should purchase.