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Is there any step by step tutorials on how to pull data from an external PHP file? I've tried to read https://docs.question2answer.org/code/external/ but it's still confusing to me.

Basically, my site setup will be:

  • site.com/index.php - homepage
  • site.com/qa - this is where Q2A is installed
In index.php, I want to pull the following data and display:
  • latest 20 questions
  • latest 20 activities
  • latest 20 members.
Q2A version: 1.8.5

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I think you got that backwards. The article is about using external PHP code from Q2A. What you seem to want to do is access Q2A data from external code. You'll have to query the Q2A database yourself for that.
Yes, that' s exactly what I want. Unfortunately, PHP is a foreign language to me so it would be great if there are step by step tutorials about it.
Sorry to disappoint, but you will need some level of PHP knowledge for this. You could look for a tutorial online or buy a book. I use "Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript" from O'Reilly, which does its job, even though I'm not overly impressed.