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Beta! Anyway


  • Restricts the characters in username to standard English characters A-Z, numbers 0-9, and the underscore sign.
  • Disallow spaces among username characters.
  • Mention other users if you type @Nickname in the question, answer or comment contents.

No autocomplete, no notification, and of course not perfect. Works on my site, not sure on yours.


Q2A version: 1.8.4
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Not to rain on your parade, but there already is a plugin providing this feature (https://github.com/q2apro/q2apro-on-site-notifications).
No, my plugin has nothing to to with Kai's plugin. You misunderstood. The only plugin that overlaps mine is pupil1985's dynamic mention public.
So you're creating a link to the profile of the mentioned user? Isn't the main point of a mention to have the mentioned user notified?
My simple plugin can be integrated into q2apro's plugin to get the users notified, but I will only do that if Q2A finally uses q2apro plugin as a default one. Currently, if I want to do so I have to request plugin users to install q2apro's plugin, or I have to replicate his tool.         Well, I think people can use part of my codes to merge with other plugins, rather than as a standalone one.